Surfguys Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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Ingredients: Fresh red habanero, ghost pepper, salt, vinegars, onion, garlic, spices, and xantham gum


ghost-pepper-for-webOur spiciest hot sauce formula on the market. “Spooky Hot” describes this hot sauce with a slight undertone of smokiness. Not only is this hot sauce hot, but it has an excellent flavor to complement the heat from the Ghost pepper. This product was introduced in limited quantities back in 2014, and has become a great fan favorite with chiliheads around. It flies off the shelves in our local stores with legions of heat followers. Great on all your foods that you eat or cook. Why not add some real flavorful heat to what you eat? Crafted in Melbourne Beach and professionally packaged in Central Florida, USA.

1 review for Surfguys Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

  1. Bob Jonson

    This hot sauce has a slight hint of smokiness from the production of the ghost peppers. Great heat and awesome flavor.

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