Surfguys Jalapeno Hot Sauce

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surfguys jalapeno
jalapeno hot sauce

Made from fresh jalapeno, onion, garlic, vinegars, and spices


surfguys jalapeno
jalapeno hot sauce

This is our entry level hot sauce which has a low level of heat, but incorporates excellent flavor. It goes great with all types of foods whether you dine out or make you own foods. You can cook with it also and add some heat and flavor to you prepared foods. Not much heat, but it’s been said that it’s better than Tabasco’s jalapeno hot sauce. When you use high quality ingredients, you get great products. Crafted in Melbourne Beach and professionally packaged and made in Central Florida, USA.

2 reviews for Surfguys Jalapeno Hot Sauce

  1. Bob Jonson

    Mild formula with great flavor. For those who seek great flavor and minimal heat.

  2. gj@surfguyshotsauces

    Great flavor with even though it’s not as hot as the habanero hot sauces in this lineup. A real good product. Give it a try, you’ll like it.

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